No Da Plug Magazine Ladies Night @Bar 107. Officially over

Good morning Facebook friends! First off I’d like to thank all of our friends and supporters who came out to ladies night @Bar 107 Sports Bar & Grill last night. We really appreciate you guys. Second I wanted to apologize for the false advertising that we did concerning the free bottle give away at midnight for the sexiest dressed lady in attendance. There were a few ladies who came out and braved the cold looking very very sexy to try and win that bottle. We were told to put that particular promotion on the flyer but because of my negligence I failed to insist that, that be confirmed in writing. In the very first issue of Da Plug Magazine I emphasized the importance of having you’re business in order meaning you must thoroughly vet (do a back ground check) on any person or company you do business with and have all agreements/contracts submitted in writing and signed so that there can be no confusion and/or misunderstandings. Again I admit that I failed to follow “MY OWN” advice and it resulted in the situation from last night. So as of today Da Plug Magazine’s Ladies night at Bar 107 Sports Bar & Grill is officially over. Yes alreddy! I refuse to let anyone false advertise or false promote under our name. I am an extreme asshole when it comes to things my name is attached to. I’m sorry y’all I can’t help that. But I “PROMISE” to you guys that in the future we will not be doing business with anyone or any business or promoting/advertising any events without getting things signed in a written agreement. So this “IS” the official notice to anyone seeking to do business with or utilize the services of Da Plug Magazine/Power Ball Team Ent. If you are not willing to sign an agreement/contract then please do not bother calling us. See sometimes you come into contact with people or businesses that have a lot of money and because of that you assume they are valid and 💯. But as I’ve said before “MONEY” does not make a person or business real or honest. Actually in some cases it’s just the opposite. Some people are Sharks. Y’all heard of Shark Tank right? Some rich people are serious sharks. They will tear yo’ ass to shreads for a dollar. Most of the time that’s how they made it to where they are and if you aren’t business savvy enough to recognize who you’re dealing wit you “WILL” be shark bait. So again everyone “I” more than anyone am extremely sorry that the Ladies night situation didn’t work out but not to worry we have some things in the works and we will keep y’all posted/updated on wat we got going on next. Stay tuned in on all of our social media pages/platforms and on our website for upcoming events and night club posting and promotions. Y’all have a blessed day💯👍🏾🔌💪🏾



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